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Our Patient Stories

With His Help, I’m Doing Better

“It’s like a family atmosphere and they are very patient…that’s what I like about JenCare - they give me time and respect.” Hear Phil & Nola from Chicago describe their experience.

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No More Diabetes Medicine
“I need a doctor that cares. Dr. Persaud doesn’t rush. He really cares.” Listen to more of Emmanuel’s experience in Tidewater.
They Respect Me
“She listens to you, whatever you have to say…she tries to help in every area…We’re just like family, really.” Hear about Barbara’s experience in Tidewater.
Just Like Family
“Working with Dr. Persaud has really made me feel better about myself. They care about their patients.” Listen for more of George’s story in Tidewater.
They’re Very Friendly
“Dr. Tucker is amazing and so is her staff. I feel amazing. I get around a lot better. I would definitely recommend you go to JenCare.” Hear more about Rose’s experience.
My Doctor is Fantastic…He’s Like a Son
“Before I came to JenCare I was running all over Atlanta to go to different doctors. With Jencare I’m in one spot for everything. They show me how to live a better life.” Listen to more of Barbara’s experience in Atlanta.
I Like JenCare’s Approach
“If there’s a way to get the same result without medication they’ll do that. My weight’s stable. My blood glucose levels - they’re stable. Everything else is in good working order because of JenCare.” Listen to hear more of Frank’s story in Atlanta.