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We have reimagined healthcare, just for you.

At each center, our teams are there to help coordinate your care. Our approach to your health is focused around keeping you healthier and happier through VIP care and prevention.

We Honor Our Seniors With VIP Care

You may be wondering, what is VIP care? JenCare Senior Medical Center doctors take care of fewer patients, which means they have more time to dedicate to you. The best part is you will have access to your doctor 24/7, especially when you need them most.

Successful preventive care begins with a solid doctor-patient relationship. At JenCare Senior Medical Center, you’ll see your doctor frequently, at least once a month. These visits will allow your doctor to really get to know you and deliver a better outcome for your health.

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Prevention is our goal

Other providers in the traditional fee-for-service model are quick to send patients for unnecessary tests and procedures, which can become very expensive for the patient. Unfortunately, these providers are rewarded for these individual treatments and can limit the amount of face-to-face time a patient has with their doctor.

By contrast, value-based healthcare providers, like JenCare Senior Medical Center, are rewarded for care that is proactive, preventive, efficient, and patient-centered. By managing and coordinating your care, our teams can focus on your health outcomes and improve the quality of your care, by lowering hospital admissions, hospital readmissions, and enhancing preventive measures.

At JenCare Senior Medical Center, we focus on coaching for wellness rather than simply treating sickness.

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