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We’re transforming communities, by transforming lives.

We are the largest family-owned, physician-led primary care provider serving underserved communities. With passion. With love. Every day.

We Honor Our Seniors With VIP Care

Carefully curating our team — nearly 3,300 and growing – we’ve assembled an incredible family full of intelligent, talented, passionate, empathetic, loving, and simply likable human beings all working together with one common purpose: improving people’s lives through better health.

Our Patients

While we serve patients who are 65 and older, our average patient is 71 years old with an average of 5 chronic conditions, and a low-to-moderate income.

Our founder Dr. James Chen’s personal experiences with poverty, homelessness, and substandard healthcare, continues to guide us as we transform care for the neediest populations.

Always Improving the Health of our Patients

Our goal is to keep our patients as healthy and happy as possible. Patient satisfaction outcomes are high, and we are striving to keep them there.

  • 97% are satisfied with the level of respect shown to them by their doctor*
  • 92% are satisfied with the amount of time their physician spent with them*
  • 92% are satisfied with the ability to schedule an appointment*
  • 85% feel that they always got answers to medical questions the same day they called the provider’s office**

We treat our patients like family—and we make sure our family gets the quality care and time they need and deserve.

  • ChenMed patients receive an average of 3 to 4 hours of “face time” with their doctor per year**
  • ChenMed doctors have an average of 345 patients, but no more than 450. Other providers outside of ChenMed can have more than 1,500 patients for one doctor.**
  • ChenMed patients have 35% fewer Emergency Room visits***
  • ChenMed patients have 51% fewer hospitalizations***

Commitment to Care Through Telehealth

With 2020’s pandemic, our mission to deliver better health had new urgency, new challenges, and new determination. Using innovative software and technology, ChenMed quickly pivoted to offering telemedicine options using our proprietary software. We are able to continue to care for our patients while they remain in the safety of their homes.

Don’t take our word for it. Come tour our center in person and feel the love yourself.

We'll even give you a ride there and back.

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*Source: Medallia, Year-to-date through June 2022
**Source: ChenMed internal data compared to CMS; year 2019.
***Source: ChenMed Internal data compared to CMS (year 2019); risk-adjusted, based on 2019 claims.

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