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Prevent Falls with These Easy_AtHome Exercises for Seniors
Prevent Falls with These Easy_AtHome Exercises for Seniors

Prevent Falls with These Easy, At-Home Exercises for Seniors


When we were younger, clumsiness typically only cost us a fleeting moment of embarrassment. But getting older means the stakes are higher, as falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older adults. A broken bone could lead to serious health problems, and a simple accident, like tripping over a rug or slipping on an icy walkway, can change your life instantly.

Luckily, falls are not inevitable, and there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of a severe fall, such as:

  • Getting daily movement
  • Fall-proofing your home
  • Having eyes and hearing routinely tested
  • Understanding any side effects of medicines you are taking
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption
  • Standing up slowly

Fall-Proof Your Home with These Tips

Because most falls occur inside or close to the home, fall-proofing your home is one way to proactively reduce your risk of falling. The key is ensuring  good lighting, no clutter, and easy access to the items you need and use the most. Here are some other ways to fall-proof your home:

  • Check the front porch for broken, uneven steps and make sure the area, including entryways, are well-lit
  • Install motion-activated lights around the home
  • Keep most commonly used items in the home within reach, such as plates, seasonings, step stools, or other shelved items
  • Make sure all rugs are rubber-backed to avoid sliding and keep them safely in place
  • Declutter steps and other heavily trafficked areas for a safe, clear path
  • Keep a light near the bed that is within reach in case you need to get up during the night, keeping the path from your bed to your bathroom clear
  • Move the phone within close reach of your bed
  • Consider installing grab bars by toilets and tubs as well as a shower chair and/or hand-held shower head

Try one of these easy, at-home exercises to strengthen your mind and body, improve mobility, and prevent falling.

Check with your doctor if you have balance concerns, are recovering from an injury, or have one or more chronic conditions before starting a new exercise regimen. It is also recommended to use a chair as a tool for balance while doing these exercises.

Prevent Falls with These 4 Easy, At-Home Exercises

  1. Sit to Stand. Support your stability and feel a noticeable improvement with this simple activity that engages critical lower body muscles. Sit with your back tall in a sturdy chair with your feet planted on the floor. Push yourself up to a standing position. Then safely sit back down into the position where you started. Repeat this 5-10 times. For more support, place your hands on the seat of your chair to help push yourself up. As you get stronger from doing this exercise over time, you can progress to a Squat to Stand: Stand in front of your chair with your feet pressed to the floor. Then, shift your weight backward, gently bending your knees and hinging forward slightly to sink into a squat in front of your chair.
  2. Hip Flexion and Extension. Stand on the right side of your chair and hold onto the back of the chair with your left hand for balance support as needed. Keep your left foot planted on the ground, then gently lift your right knee up. Next, lower your knee and push your right foot back toward the wall behind you. Repeat this move 5-10 times on your right side, then left.
  3. Tightrope Walk. improve your balance with this fun and imaginative exercise. Pretend a tightrope was placed in the center of your room. Take your first step onto the rope with your right foot, then step your left foot directly in front of your right, with your left heel touching your right toes. Take 3 steps forward on the tightrope, then pause. Next, walk backward along the tightrope the same way you walked forward. Step your right foot back behind your left so that your right toes meet your left heel, and continue walking back 3 steps. You can make this imaginary tightrope longer as your balance progresses and take 5-10 steps forward and backward.
  4. Side Lunge. Stand up straight with your feet together. First, step your right foot out to the side. Then, shift your weight to the right side of your body and gently bend your right knee into a side lunge. Next, straighten your knee and push yourself up to a standing position, stepping your right foot back to the center. Repeat the side lunge 3-5 times on both sides.

It's important for you as an older adult to take proactive steps to prevent falls. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older adults, so the stakes are higher as we age. However, there are various strategies that you can use to reduce your risk of falling. Simple actions, like fall-proofing your home, ensuring good lighting, and reducing clutter, can make a significant difference. Moreover, regularly engaging in at-home exercises focusing on balance and strengthening muscles can help prevent falls and improve mobility. By staying mindful of potential balance issues and being proactive about fall prevention, you can enjoy your independence and maintain a high quality of life.

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