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Medical Specialties in West End

JenCare offers a variety of medical specialties and works with trusted, preferred specialists for our patients' care. These preferred specialists, both on-site and in the community, work side-by-side with our primary care physicians to care for each patient individually. For patients requiring off-site care from a trusted specialist, JenCare staff will coordinate the entire referral process.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. It is based in traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that the mind and body are connected. This form of treatment uses a variety of techniques to stimulate specific points in the body to help it restore and maintain healing. It is used to help treat things like back and neck pain, nausea, migraine headaches, anxiety and sleep problems. Acupuncture is a complementary form of medical treatment, which means it is used together with the traditional medical care to help you reach your best level of health. At JenCare, we have doctors who specialize in acupuncture and provide treatment in many of our centers. You and your doctor can talk more about acupuncture and if it may be helpful to you. Our Patient Community Relations Specialists can let you know if your health plan covers this service and how you may qualify for it.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral healthcare is an emerging field within the practice of high-quality, coordinated healthcare. It is when behavioral health specialists and medical providers work together to care for a patient. This care may address mental health and substance abuse conditions, health behaviors (including their contribution to chronic medical illnesses), life stressors and crises, stress-related physical symptoms, and ineffective patterns of healthcare utilization. At JenCare, we provide behavioral healthcare in order to provide overall wellness to each individual patient in every aspect of their life.

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Cardiology is a field of medicine that focuses on the heart and circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system. Cardiology includes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease and heart failure. JenCare cardiologists are experts in dealing with disorders of the heart and work onsite in many of our centers.   At JenCare, our primary care physicians work closely with our cardiologist to coordinate your personal care plan and help keep your heart, arteries and blood vessels healthy. We specialize in helping our patients manage conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other health issues that can lead to heart disease. Your JenCare PCP and cardiologist are a team and continuously communicate with each other about your heart health. 

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Case Management

A case manager is a healthcare professional who helps patients and their families and/or caregivers get through tough times. A case manager can give advice and help patients who have disabilities, mental health issues or social needs find services they need to maintain optimal health and quality of life. He/she also works closely with doctors, social workers and other community service providers to ensure patient needs are met. As a JenCare patient, we can link you to Community Connections services, which include support from a case manager, if life’s challenges may be affecting how you live. Your case manager can help you link to community agencies for help securing food, shelter, in-home support and other needed services. He/she can also help you prepare for a hospital discharge and your aftercare needs, connect you to support groups and recommend activity programs that improve your health. Your case manager will help guide you along the way and follow up for ongoing support.

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